“Creativity is the art of being vulnerable”

Mary Broekhuijsen-Molenaar

Creative Therapist

Artist statement

Every person has creative energy in various ways: graphic, performing, designing, writing, engineering, vocal, musical or visual. I encourage everyone to allow themselves to connect with your creative side and explore your personal talents. Creative energy needs to flow. My creativity is mainly graphic.  My art work is an interpretation on how I see the world. It is my attempt to simplify things when life is complicated. With a colorful palette I explore the effect of light, depth, saturation, the lines, the tones and the shadows. I capture and simplify landscapes, forest and people in acrylic paint on canvas.


Mary is a Dutch self-taught artist who has been living in Leiden for the past seven years. Originally from Uitgeest in Noord-Holland, she moved to several locations abroad (Dominican Republic, Canada and Bahrain) during a 10 year period. Once back in the Netherlands, she found inspiration in Dutch landscapes.

A formally professionally trained Creative Therapist, Mary started with watercolors first and switched to acrylics during her first international assignment in to the Dominican Republic. She took lessons with a Cuban, followed by a local artist. She moved from watercolors and pencil drawings to painting with acrylics. Dominican Art work is bright and known for its use of vibrant colors. The often ‘naive art’ inspired her to experiment with new materials such as oil and acrylics. The Dominican vibrancy and color palette is broadly reflected in all her works nowadays.

​During the following two assignments (to Calgary and Bahrain) she focused on Photography (landscape, family and people) among other important activities such as family life, a career, blogging and publishing a second book…

Mary paints in semi-abstract and abstract style in acrylics with mixed techniques. She uses brushes, sponges, her hands and palette knife. Her theme choices vary as her spectrum of interest is broad and the journey of art is endless. Color, light, texture, light reflection and palette knife strokes are all major components in her work. Mary navigates between intuitive and spontaneous techniques and controlled reality in parts of her art piece. Always in search for the right balance.

Living in these various totally different locations, worldwide has given her an open mind to cultures, people and landscapes, and has exposed her to many forms of (local) art. Her many experiences from the past have inspired her to capture these moments in her paintings in which she expresses the vulnerability of her life.

Mary, mother of three adult children, resides in Leiden, the Netherlands. Her work is displayed at a permanent exhibition in Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk.